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Vendor Application/Vendor Interest form – We have enough vendors to fill our market for full and half-market slots for this year. However, single dates may be available. If you are interested in single dates, or if you are interested in next year’s market, please complete this form. We will consider your application for our market. Please don’t expect an immediate response, but be assured we will get back to you. Thank you for your interest!

2021 Market Vendor Information

The Attleboro Farmers Market 2021 season, Saturdays from June 26 to October 30. See the 2021 calendar for more information on the dates.

Thanks to all who have applied to the market. We are finalizing the vendor calendar.

We are waiting on the final word from the State of Massachusetts as to what to expect for this year’s market layout and rules & regulations, but we are anticipating a market that is less restrictive than in 2020, yay! As we learn more about what 2021 will look like, we will be sure to share that information with you. 

No multi-level marketing (MLM) also called network marketing or referral marketing for products or services.

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