Join us on opening day of the Attleboro Farmers Market 2011. Here are the vendors who will be at the market

Opening Day Activities – Click Here

Vendor list is subject to change

Want to be a vendor?

The Attleboro Health department will be notified each week in advance of the participating vendors. No vendors will be allowed without advance registration, $20 reservation fee ($10 returned day of market) No shows forfeit $20 reservation fee.

Vendors could include Crafts, Canned products, Cheeses, Chocolates, Eggs, Farm vegetables, Flowers, Food Artisans, Honey, Meats, Potted plants, and Wellness products made from herbs.

All vendors must complete and sign a vendor agreement and follow the Market’s rules. Both the agreement and rules will be available after the City formally approves the Market. To download the vendor agreement, CLICK HERE

5 Responses

  1. I am very proud of the AFM Committee. Attleboro has a market they can be proud of, one that effectively competes with the surrounding towns and eliminates the need to shop elsewhere. This is great.
    Thank you all for your hard work and countless hours, it has brought wonderful results.
    I like many, cannot wait to shop in the Saturday morning market.

  2. Wow, Season opening eve. The anticipation is like “Christmas in July”.

    Great Job to everyone to get this point. We actually get a break from Attleboro Farmers Market “Planning” tomorrow from 8-1.

    Thank you to Richard Conti for unlocking the door to allow us to blow it wide open. Thank you to the original founders of the Farmers Market and Bob Peasley for keeping it going all these years.
    Thank you to Dave Laferriere aka- Superman for the long hours putting together our website and creating the amazing LOGO for the market.

    Thank you to Geoff McGehee for all of the Marketing and IT work. Martha for the consulting, printing and hosting countless AFM meetings at 1 double 0 B.

    Thank you to Heather Porreca for taking the Bull by the Horns and leading us all through this journey to opening day with professionalism, determination, grace and genuine passion for the City and the City’s Families. I am so proud of you Heather, and I am proud to serve at the will and pleasure of the Attleboro Farmers Market Manager. 😉