Below is an excerpt from The Sun Chronicle, read the full story HERE.

The committee, headed up by Jay DiLisio, defines what parts of the lot next to the library on North Main Street can be used by the market when the library is closed on Saturdays from June 2 through Sept. 1, and what parts it can use on Saturdays when the library is open from Sept. 9 through Oct. 27.

The plan also keeps fire lanes open and imposes restrictions on parking. It requires the hiring of a police detail to protect the safety of pedestrians crossing North Main to attend the market and to enforce parking rules.

Under the plan, patrons of the market will not be allowed to park in the lot during either of the periods the market is open. When the library is closed on Saturdays, the market will be allowed to use most of the lot, except for a strip parallel to the library which will create a fire lane for emergency vehicles.

The plan also leaves space for customers of a tire shop at the south end of the lot.

When the library is open on Saturdays in the fall, the market will be restricted to an L-shaped layout, leaving parking spaces nearest the library available for library patrons.

A vote of the full council is expected next week. Read the full story HERE.