How about some good old fashioned community activism!!!

Please stop down at city hall Tuesday, Sept. 20 by 7 p.m. to voice your support for the market!

Right-mouse button click on the image to download a PDF sign just like it that you can print, trim to the voice balloon and bring with you to the City Council Meeting.

Print the Voice Balloon Sign, pictured left, and bring it with you so you can show your “Voice of Support.”

If you can’t make it, please call the council at 508-223-2222 ext. 3181 and voice your opinion. If you would like to speak directly to your councilor, use the list below from the City of Attleboro’s website: 

Council members are always available by phone to discuss matters of interest. See the phone list below.

You may also call the Council Office at 508-223-2222 ext. 3181 and leave a message with the Administrative Assistant. You can reach the Administrative Assistant to the Council at 508-223-2222 ext. 3181 or by  E-Mail at Councilors contact the office on a regular basis.