June 29 vendor list

32 artisans at this week’s Attleboro Farmer’s Market!

Music by the Pyne Brothers

Here’s this weeks vendor list (subject to change):


  • Alpine Farm, Produce
  • Anawan Farm, Produce
  • Asian Farm, Produce
  • Breezy Knoll Farm, Produce
  • Common Acre Farm, Microgreens
  • DaSilva Farm, Meat
  • Flying Carot Farm, Produce
  • Langwater Farm, Produce
  • Melo Farm, Produce
  • Nason Farm – Products of the Hive, Honey/Soap
  • Rays Roots Farm, Berries, produce


  • Alternative Art, Artisan
  • Atkinson Silver, Refurbished Silver Jewelery
  • Beachside, Artisan
  • Cindy McD, Artisan
  • Confetti, Artisan
  • Dantes Image, Artisan
  • DollHouse, Artisan
  • Dreamwaves, Artisan
  • East Coast Aroma, Artisan
  • Ecelctic, Artisan
  • Henna Ruhi, Artisan
  • Hock Leather, Artisan
  • Horticulture, Artisan
  • Jess Tracey, Artisan
  • JM Sheridan, Artisan
  • Jorge Amado Cermaic, Ceramics
  • Kristin Cambell, Artisan
  • Loper, Artisan
  • Megginson, Artisan
  • Oak Hill, Artisan
  • Paper Hummingbird, Hand made jewelery
  • Part 2 Designs, Purses, bags, accessories
  • Phillipa, Artisan
  • S Morgan, Artisan
  • Sew Corky, Artisan
  • Sypek, Artisan
  • T Jack, Artisan
  • Tabers Closet, Dog Collars
  • Violet Vines, Artisan
  • Wetu Farm, Hand Crafted Items
  • Yellow Ochre, Artisan

Food trucks

  • Bonez Bros, BBQ
  • Burgundian, Leige Waffles
  • Kraev, Breakfast Tacos
  • Ming’s, Asian Street Food
  • Pickled Willy, Burgers, Dogs and the famous “Pickled Willy Dog”


  • C&C Seafood, Seafood
  • RI Shellfish, Prepared Seafood

Prepared Foods

  • Ackerman Maple, Maple Syrup
  • Amir’s Natural Foods, Natural Prepared Food
  • Baumans, Shrub Drink mixes
  • Belichi, Biscotti
  • Borealis Coffee, Coffee
  • Buppy Pets, Dog treats
  • Chubs, Sauces
  • Confectionary Design, Baked Goods/Donuts
  • Crave Mead, Mead
  • Deanos Pasta, Fresh Pasta
  • D’s Lectables, Baked Goods
  • Elzire Acre, Soaps
  • Foss farms, Spaghetti Sauce
  • Foxboro cheese, Cheeses
  • Great Harvest Bread, Bread
  • Jacks Snacks, Dog Treats
  • Jaju Pierogi, Pierogis
  • Jammed Love, Jams
  • Mantra Meals, Indian Sauces
  • Netties, Kettle Corn
  • O St Pepper, Spices
  • Omega, Olive Oils
  • Palms Sauce, Sauces
  • Red Harvest, Prepared Food
  • Sacred Cow, Granola
  • Sanobe Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter
  • Smackadoodles, Cinn Rolls
  • SourceFire, Sauces


  • Girl Scouts
  • Willet School Garden

2 Replies to “June 29 vendor list”

  1. Good morning
    I am a local beekeeper and I was wondering how I could go about signing up for a table at the market to sell my honey? Also, jarred foods/sauces what is required to sell those

    Thank you
    Joe Leonardi

    1. Hello Joe,
      We currently have a honey vendor at our Market. Our Market is full for the season. Curious about your jarred foods/sauces, we do have vendors with similar products. Do you have experience with other Markets?

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