First Art at the Market!

AFM-Art-at-the-MarketThis Saturday, July 19, is the first Art at the Market. We plan on having two more, one each in August and September. Here are the artist who will be participating this week:

  • Jillian Carpenter, Crochet/Knit,
  • Leslee Levasseur, Painting and charcoal
  • Amanda Smith, Painting and drawing
  • Ash(Atabey) Sanchez-Hillman, Art prints
  • Mike Roca, Woodworking
  • Glass Sales
  • Adam Salisbury, Artisan birdhouses
  • John Tosy, Peanuts,Tosy’s Farm
  • Susan McCarville, Beaded jewelry and accessories; dreamcatchers; native american shields; and some cloth products
  • Jax Adele, Mixed media in all of my painting and recycling in the craft items
  • Emily Dambra, jewelr
  • Robert Dennehy
  • Sandy Coleman, Jewelry and cards
  • Annie Levine, graphic design /drawing