Attleboro Farmers Market is named as one of Top 20 Favorite Farmers Markets in America’s Favorite Farmer’s Markets™ Contest

Attleboro Farmers Market was recently voted as 16 of 20 leading farmers markets across the nation vying for the title of America’s Favorite Farmers Market in the Small Market category.  In this year’s contest more than 90,000 farmers market shoppers voted for more than 1,700 participating farmers markets in American Farmland Trust’s third annual contest.The Attleboro Farmers Market received 263 from supportive shoppers. Here is what one voter for the Attleboro Farmers Market had to say about why it should be named one of America’s Favorite Farmers Markets:

“Attleboro’s farmers market has a wide variety of produce as well as other well needed locally products. It is in a centrally located and visible site and is well organized. I can count on having the items that I am looking for and be greeted with smiles!” (view all comments below)

According to the recent release of the updated U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s farmers market directory, the number of farmers markets across the nation increased by 17 percent between 2010 and 2011. Support for farmers markets helps to provide income opportunities for farmers. The rising interest for local food from nearby farms highlights the value of protecting farmland to meet demand.

The America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest is a part of American Farmland Trust’s No Farms No Food® campaign, which raises awareness of the dangers of farmland loss by making connections to food.  Farms near metropolitan areas produce 91 percent of the nation’s market value of fruit, 78 percent of vegetables, and 67 percent of dairy products.

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Here are all the comments left by those who voted for us:

Attleboro Farmers Market  not only brings local foods & goods to the people in our city. But it is also breathing a breath of new life and sense of community that has been missing in the down-town area of Attleboro for far too many years.

Attleboro Farmers Market is a grassroots market that really caters to the city needs. My favorite part is going and socializing and seeing people I typically wouldnt get to see in the summer. The variety of items for sale is wonderful.

Attleboro’s farmers market has a wide variety of produce as well as other well needed locally products. It is in a centrally located and visible site and is well organized. I can count on having the items that I am looking for and be greeted with smiles!

Because my aunt is the best market manager ever.

Buying local is one of the best ways to support your community!

“Fresh LOCAL veggies, Fresh LOCAL flowers/plants, LOCAL artists, wonderful management, fantastic weekly specials and demos and entertainment.  The Attleboro Farmer’s Market seems New & Improved week after week after week!”

“Fresh, fun, educational and wonderfully welcoming! Access to fresh, locally grown produce in the center of the city!”

“Friendly, caring market Management Team. Terrific Vendors.”

“Great local vendors/farms, brings the community together.  I like knowing I am purchasing my vegetables from local farmers and giving them my support. You can’t get this from a store!The folks who organize it are extremely outgoing, friendly, they put their hearts into making it such a great market for the people of Attleboro and surrounding communities.”

Great market – awesome vendors!

“Great market, expanded from previous years. Farm grown foods, baked goods, crafts and events. All of it locally grown or produced. Every week a new event.”

Great place to find local fruits & Veggies as well as other local items.  There’s always something new each time I visit the market.

great urban farmers market

Great variety of vendors and Scorpios bread and garlic!

It is a great farmers market with a wide variety of vendors.

It is a great places to get fresh vegetables and a great support of our community.

It is awesome

“It is helping local vendors sell their wares locally, and all us ‘locals’ get fresh, healthy, yummy, delicious food and wonderful crafts/homemade items…  so much better than shopping at a store where you don’t know where things came from or when food was picked, etc.   Also, it’s great being out in the fresh air & sunshine!!!   It’s a ‘feel good’ feeling when you see all the people and activity there!”

It is really fabulous and a great thing for our lovely city of Attleboro! I love it.

It is simply fabulous

It offers a variety of goods and services not just veggies

its great – lots of good vendors and great vibe

It’s the greatest!

Lots of vendors with a city focused twist! LOVE IT!!!!

Love all the great local vendors.

My Daughter is the market manager.. and I love her

“My family has been going to the Attleboro Farmers market for 16  years  ever since our son was 5  months old. The farmers  have all become like family  they know our “”likes””  and will save us a little of our  favorites so we don’t miss out if we  run late and  don’t get  there as early as we planned.  One vendor is so much like family if needed  I will jump in and help  sell  they good if they are swamped. The food is always fresh and eve if it may cost a bit more then the box stores  it’s well worth it just to know we are getting the best  the earth has to offer.  I love my market and will go even if i don’t need anything Just to say hi  to the vendors. I usually end up buying something  :)”

My sister is the market manager!

Newly renovated after 25 continuous years we now have 25 vendors on a regular basis and more than 1000 vistors each week.  People are loving it. Local Farms Fresh Food!

Our market has been in place for over 20 years and thanks to the community involvement it has grown from 3 vendors to 23 vendors this year. Great spirit and variety for our local vendors to get involved with. A bonus for both people purchasing and people selling.

“People, produce, positive energy!!!”

Started in the community by committed people looking to give back and make a change.

“The Attleboro Farmer’s Market has a variety of vendors. There are traditional, as well as, organic vegetables, fresh seafood, eggs, honey, small- batch roasted coffee and plants.  In addition, there are many craft tables.  It has a great hometown feel and there is something for everyone and every budget.  The friendly people are what makes it so great!  It’s wonderful to know that there are so many local farmers!”

“The Attleboro Farmers Market has done so much more then provide a venue for Agricultural vendors to sell their harvest. The AFM has galvinized a community, revitalized a depressed downtown area. The AFM has taken an approach to not only provide fresh, local, healthy food options for the citizens of Attleboro, they have also invested time into educating them on the benifits of eating healthier and how easy it can be to do so. It can not be overlooked either that the Market has taken on the personality of the Market Manager who breathed new life into this failing market. The Market manager for AFM hs been an inspiration to so many through out the community as she publically shared how she took control of her health and the health of her family by making major life style changes that included eating habits and food purchasing habits. It was her energy and inspiration that took a small 2 vendor market and created a complete Mind, Body and Spirit experience that has truely brought new found excitement to an entire community. Don’t take my word for it, come experience it. Check out their web site and Facebook page. Talk to the people of Attleboro. As I walk throught he market on Saturday mornings, there is a sense of ownership of every person who walks through it. A bond of community spirit. This is their Market, this is our Market, this is the peoples market. this is Attleboro!!”

The Attleboro Farmers Market has lots of participating vendors offering varied products at competitive prices. The market is conveniently located right in center of downtown and there is a great community spirit every time we visit. We vote to make the Attleboro Farmers Market as America’s favorite Farmers Market!

The Attleboro Farmers Market is a showcase of local produce and products. There’s nothing better than homegrown and homemade!

“The Attleboro Farmers Market is a wonderful example of how community members worked together to revitalize a wonderful community resource.  It is great to see so many people coming downtown each week to get a variety of goods.  The variety of vendors is a big draw.  It is amazing that in a few short months, dedicated residents were able to recreate a great Farmers Market.”

“The Attleboro Farmers Market is amazing! They has an enormous selection, the people are wonderful, and it is always the highlight of our week!”

“The Attleboro Farmers Market is everything you need.  They have fresh seafood, fresh produce, breads and baked goods, fire wood, fresh flowers and local honey, handmade soap.  Everything you need made locally.”

“The enthusiasm that is felt as you walk around each week is great.  People have this “”What else do they have?”” on their lips as they investigate the market.  New vendors arrive each week and are met with open community spirits.the ability to go to this gathering and plan your meals around the fresh availiblity is top notch.”

The marketdowntown used to be really small – this one has many vendors and has been packed every week

“There’s an amazing assortment of items, the food is so fresh and the vendors are friendly and helpful. The vibe you get when you come to the market is that its a neighborhood getting together to share. Everyone’s smiling, recipes are being swapped, the kids are skipping and want to eat their veggies. It’s our city at it’s best, friends coming together for great food and creating closer bonds!”

they are the friendliest bunch of people. and the vendors are so great. love looking forward to saturday to see who and what is new. never leave empty handed.

“This market rocks! SO many great local vendors, great people and an all around great event!”

This newly revamped market has come out of nowhere and has done a great job bringing together many great local vendors and large crowds as well. There are many great events planned as well!

“This week at the Attleboro Farmers Market I was able to buy beautiful flowers for my front yard, some delicious sweet corn and fresh salad pickings and a loaf of freshly baked bread for dinner and even found some canolis for dessert. This is how we keep our small businesses going, by buying local. Sixty eight cents of every dollar we spend in our local community stays in our community. BUY LOCAL!! I do.”

we have been going to the farmers market for 15 years and they finally got a new home can only get better from here the vendors are like our family since they see us every week thanks

Well organized LOTS of variety

“Wow, lots of variety great location great people well organized!”

1.) Got to meet alot of new nice people from all over. 2.) fthe vendors are all like one bir family. 3.) Heather & Ed & Rich go over and above to insure that this market is the best every week.

All the different vendors!

Attleboro Farmers market is a great place to shop on a Saturday morning. I love to shop around at all the vendors and I always run into someone I know!

“Attleboro Farmers Market is just the best local market around.  Homemade goodies of every kind, from soaps to coffee to cookies.  And all the fresh, local produce!  The really great part is seeing your neighbors and fellow Attleborians!”

“Attleboro Farmers Market is so much MORE than what you would expect in a Farmers Market — an amazing 30 vendors!!! Crafters alley!!!! Kettle Corn & Ice Coffee!!! PLUS all the fruits, veggies, jams and so much more”

Attleboro is a community filled with pride and heritage and the Attleboro Farmer’s Market has wonderfully merged the two!

Attleboro’s Farmers Market is not only wonderful for the community but it helps the growers as well.

Awesome in every way!

“Awesome market.  All types of reusable items and all types of farms.  I especially like Wetu Farm which spins, dyes wool and hooks, knits and more.”

“Because after years of being rather stagnant, they have made a total overhaul.  They have gotten great management, and put together a strong complement of vendors to appeal to a wide range of tastes.”

“Everyone, from the customers to the vendors, is friendly and in great spirits. And the love for farmers quickly translates to being eco-friendly!”

“Friendly, diverse and well run!”

Great energetic market managers who really care about the community and the vendors

“Great Market, Super friendly!”

“Great people, great produce, fun and friendly.”

Great people. Ground up movement. Varied themes. Awesome energy.

“Great selection of organically grown fruits and vegetables,plants and flowers as well as hand made crafts. Local civic organizations are also encouraged to set up a booth and showcase who they are and what they do.”

“Great variety of goods, great location, friendly people.”

great vendors and mananagment!

I like to support the local farmers.

“I’m a farmer and I love the Attleboro market! Great people, wonderful vendors, fantastic market managers.  Makes getting up early on a Saturday morning worth it!”

“It is revitalizing the downtown Attleboro area.  It is really bringing a community together through great fruits, veggies, baked goods, and so much more.  This morning my son and I spent 2 and a half at the market between shopping for our weekly veggies and spending time at the playground and listening to Music Together instructor Gwen Marini.”

It nice to have a place nearby that we can buy fresh vegetables and fruit.

“It’s a busy farmers market on a popular day (Saturday) and time (morning).  They have a great variety of vendors, including local crafters and businesses.  They feature a community group or entertainer each week.  The first time I went, they had a local scout troop that performed a nice flag ceremony and spent time recruiting new scouts at their booth.”

“it’s so much fun going there!  One doesn’t just buy food but other essentials e.g. alpaca mittens, gloves, scarves.  Wine – OMG the Coastal winery has the best tasting wine and they have tastings every Sunday.  Additionally there’s special foods like homemade hummus, cupcakes, breads to die for, honey and products like soap, lip balm made from honey.  They have live music and it is set amidst the beauty of the Attleboro Farm & Gardens.”

“It’s so nice to have a market close to home in an area that has been devoid of such offerings. The fact it has grown so fast is a testament to the desire and need for one. Seeing all the amazing produce that cannot even compare in quality to the supermarkets, yet with equivilant pricing, is a huge help to those wanting to eat healthy.”

Local Food.  Fresh Food.

Local fresh close by yummy awesome Attleboro. Farmers Market

Local vendors change weekly with a lot of dif. options and I love the local talent. I am delighted to buy local to support our local farmers

Love the variety

Love this market

“Most of it is “”home-grown”” or made right in Attleboro.  It is very well organized and everyone is very friendly.”

“Not only has the Attleboro Farmer’s Market had it’s paying vendors, it has also opened space for the non-profits, like The Attleboro Dog Park Committee.  We are in the process of having the very first off-leash dog park in the city of Attleboro and without the contributions of the public and the openess of the Attleboro Farmer’s Market, we could not spread the word about our goals.  The people here are fabulous and very supportive to our cause.  Go Attleboro!!!”

organic and local vendors that rock!

“Sponsored and run by the community, the Attleboro Farmer’s Market has not only provided an outlet for local farms to sell their crops, but to help recreate a strong bond within our small city.  Children are excited to pick out fresh vegetables (and get some fresh Kettle Corn!), adults are teaching and learning about the importance of buying local, and small farms and businesses are getting their names out there to members of the community.  This is what America is all about, and it’s happening right in my own city!”

The area I live in is so lacking in farmers markets. I was so glad that the city I just moved to was starting up a farmers market. It is a well organized market with a broad variety of vendors and everyone there is so proud to be a part of it all. I love my farmers market!

“The Attleboro Farmers Market has a robust variety of vendors to choose from, the people are always very helpful and friendly. They also offer opportunities to learn, and meet new friends. I support their mission, and the commerce for their vendors.”

“The Attleboro Farmers Market has a wonderful variety of local farmers, bakers and craftsmen and women. I love the locally-grown produce, including fruit, the baked goods and crafts, including pottery, homemade scents and candles, silver crafting, knit items, photography and woodworking and much more.”

“The Attleboro Farmer’s Market is the best!  The organizers are most helpful and all the vendors are great.  And, they allow a non profit to attend each week at no charge.  They support local growers and non profits in a great way!  And the location is perfect!”

The Attleboro Farmers Market is truly a community experience.  Each week that I go I experience a new vendor with great wares and learn about their business. I have experienced some great foods that I might not otherwise have seeked out.

“The Farmer’s Market in Attleboro, MA is definitely a diamond in the rough… It just keeps getting bigger and better every week, and they have the best selection of products out of every other FM in the area!”

The people who run the event our so nice.

The premier market in SE Massachusetts

“They have a large variety of goods and vendors, a freiendly atmosphere, and covenient location.”

They have a nice variety of products and it’s close to my house.

they have alot of different types of vendors at the market

“This market has shown a variety of agracultural diversity throughout the season.  The Market manager is always making new connections throught the community to enhance this market. It is continueing to grow each week, with repeat patrons that look forward to fresh diners.  Hard work and a passion for Fresh Local Food is a beatuiful thing.”

“Wide selection of vendors, ample parking, friendly atmosphere”