Our insurance policy requires that all our vendors carry liability insurance. Vendors who fail to provide a Certificate of insurance at or above the specified limits will not be allowed at the market. This is necessary for the protection of our vendors, patrons, and the community.

You may wonder why a vendor who sells crochet or vegetables would need insurance. Here are a couple of examples:

The crochet vendor’s tent gets blown over while in the process of setting up and their tent damages merchandise of the vendor adjacent to them.

The vegetable vendor’s pumpkins go rolling off their display causing several customers to trip and fall injuring one so badly that the ambulance needs to be called.

You do not have to obtain insurance to apply to be a vendor! You can wait until you are approved to purchase coverage! Just upload a note to the application in the Insurance Policy area that indicates you understand you are responsible for getting the appropriate coverage and providing a COI to us prior to June 15th. That way you can judge how many days for which you will need insurance.

The policy limit must be a minimum of $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million aggregate limit. Each vendor policy needs to list the market as an additional insured or contain a blanket additional insured endorsement and provide the market with a certificate of insurance confirming coverage.

– If any group, vendor, artisan, or nonprofit pays to be at the Farmers Market, they are considered a vendor and must have insurance, regardless of whether they are selling items or not.

– Any group selling items or wares at the market or receiving income from attending the market is considered a vendor and must have insurance. (This includes musicians)

– Any group requiring electricity at the market must have insurance.

We understand that obtaining insurance may be a new process for some vendors, but there are affordable options available online. For example, you can check out Thimble https://app.thimble.com/insurance-requirement?code=f3wjfstl4 or ACT as recommended by the Mass Farmers Market.

We appreciate your cooperation with this requirement, as it helps ensure the safety and success of our market.