Below is a list of our criteria

When you suggest a spot please keep in mind the following:

1. Must be Municipal Land (anything else changes the use of the property and then becomes subject to change of use, from just a parking lot to commerce, causing zoning and property tax issues for those who own the property) No Private Land, TI parking lot out, the lot behind Balfour River Walk is private, Pleasant Street Auto, etc.

Also, keep in mind that this is a completely volunteer run, non profit corporation that collects about $4,000 a year and has expenses of $3,800 a year carrying over $200 for the following year start up cost. It is not able to support “rent” or deferment of cost to private land owners for property tax.

2. Cannot be a public Park because the Parks Commission has already said no use of the parks.

3. Good-business sense tells you it should be visible and easy to get to. LaSalette is private and hard to walk to for Downtown Patrons. Being tucked behind City Hall is hidden, less traffic (Park Street, the main drive by City Hall, is a one-way street), no visibility, no supporting commerce.

4. The members of the Attleboro Farmers Market Board spent countless hours, year round, working on pulling this off . Every scenario we could think of has been entertained, however we are always open to new ideas that we may not have thought of.

5. Last year when the Mayor gave his blessing for this, he stated, “Where I allow you to open you must stay!”

It is a simple Math problem at this point, Limit the number of vendors (income for Market), take away a day in high harvest time for the book sale (further reducing income), not allow patron parking, add the cost of police detail and it does not financially work. Perhaps raise the vendor rates? This will result in loosing some vendors, and putting a greater burden on the remaining vendors.

7 Responses

  1. I think I’d suggest just trying another community at this point. Attleboro clearly isn’t interested enough to make it worth spending your efforts on anymore. The city is completely hopeless.

  2. Would you be able to use any of the school yards? The high school parking lot is huge…

  3. Isn’t there a municipal lot behind the old hardware store on Bank St.?? Next to the Church… Still within walking distance of everything. I like the parking garage idea too. Good luck!!

  4. This market is such a wonderful addition to our town, community, etc… It’s such a shame that something so beneficial can cause this much distress to others!!! The market is a win win scenario for all, and I wish the best outcome to everyone involved!!! I don’t have a recommendation for another site, but if I do I know where to go!!! Good luck!!!

  5. I agree with the suggestion to use the top of the garage…But what if you change from Saturday to Sunday from noon to 4?