Market patrons not allowed to park in lot

That’s right. The parking lot will be closed to Market patrons. In September and October only library patrons can use the lot. Make sure you have your library card handy and you’ll have to leave the lot and park elsewhere to go to the Market. Does this mean that handicapped patron can’t use the lot in the summer?

The Market will also have to pay for a police detail that it does not have the money for.

The Attleboro Farmers Market Board will meet to decide a course of action.

Have a comment? Call your city councillor (see below), or email the council, use the comment form below or leave a message on the Market’s Facebook page.

Below is an excerpt from The Sun Chronicle and another from the Attleboro-Seekonk Patch:

The Sun Chronicle:

It took 15 votes and nearly three hours of sometimes contentious and emotional debate Tuesday, but city councilors voted to prune the Attleboro Farmers Market’s use of the city’s North Main Street parking lot, ban patrons from using the lot to park and require the market to hire a police officer.

The council also passed amendments by Councilor Jeremy Denlea that establishes an understanding that this is the final year for the market at the North Main Street site.

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Attleboro-Seekonk Patch:

The measure includes several features aimed at settling the dispute between members of the Library Board of Trustees and organizers of the market, which takes place on Saturdays from June to October. Trustees say they are concerned about public safety risks they say the market creates.  

Market co-organizer Heather Porreca told Attleboro-Seekonk Patch last week following a decision by a special council subcommittee in favor of the measure that the requirement to hire a police officer would be “very difficult for us to afford.”

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Stop by City Hall, 8:30 to 4:30 or call 508-223-2222 x3181 or call a council member (listing from the City’s website)

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  1. Instead of the city spending so much energy on fighting this, why didn’t they spend as much trying to help you out and find a better place to hold the market that suits all?