The Attleboro Farmers Market, Inc. manager Heather Porreca received a call from the Attleboro City Council secretary late this afternoon asking that the AFM appear at the tomorrow’s scheduled council meeting to answer questions about complaints about the market from the Attleboro Public Library Trustees and to possibly pull the permit over an interpretation of the closing date.

The Market has a permit to be in the parking lot. In our letter to apply for the permit we stated that the market will be during the Summer growing season with runs from July to the end of October. The permit says during the Summer months and Summer ends on Wednesday. It has never been a secret that the Market was going to operate until Oct. 29.

Call your councilor, here’s their contact information from the city’s web site: 

Council members are always available by phone to discuss matters of interest. See the phone list below.

You may also call the Council Office at 508-223-2222 ext. 3181 and leave a message with the Administrative Assistant. You can reach the Administrative Assistant to the Council at 508-223-2222 ext. 3181 or by  E-Mail at Councilors contact the office on a regular basis.

  • WARD 1: Cherie M. Felos (Committee on Ordinances, Elections & Legislative Matters) 205 Highland Avenue, South Attleboro (Home 508-639-9829)
  • WARD 2: Mark J. Cooper (Committee on Public Safety & Emergency Management) 149 West Street, Attleboro (Home 508-222-6294)
  • WARD 3: Frank B. Cook (Council President) 32 Division Street (Home 508-222-0189)
  • WARD 4: William R. Bergevine (Committee on Capital Improvements & City Development) 1 Pocahontas Lane (Home 508-222-7465)
  • WARD 5: Duff White (Committee on Transportation & Traffic) 12 Carnegie Way (Home 508-223-1944)
  • WARD 6: Shannon M. Heagney (Committee on Licenses) 5 Gregory Drive (Home 508-222-8502)


  • Kimberly Allard (Committee on Zoning & Land Use) 12 Slater Street (Home 508-222-3733)
  • Brian F. Kirby (Committee on Budget & Appropriations) 162 Holden Street (Home 508-431-9830)
  • Richard J. Conti (Committee on City Property & Claims) 100 Berwick Road (Home 508-222-6662)
  • Peter Blais (Committee on Public Works) 50 Ridgewood Road (Home 508-222-9355)
  • Walter J. Thibodeau (Committee on Personnel & Human Services) 8 Liberty Drive (508-399-6549)

2 Responses

  1. I am not a resident of Attleboro, but am Past President of the Rotary Club of Attleboro, and very supportive of the city, particularly of those things which impact residents beyond your city limits. I know of many folks who do not live in the City of Attleboro but are drawn to take advantage of the farmers market as well as the Attleboro Library and feel that a premature closing of the market would not serve the vendors or the city well.

  2. The market is clearly something that is good for the community. This is a non-profit organization which benifits both vendors and the communtiy. Heather and Eddie have donated countless hours of their time to make this a success, with no financial gain. They have treated this as a business, but at the end of the day will recieve no financial compensation for their efforts. This market has had as many as 37 vendors which is unheard of in the farmers maket circle.

    Do the right thing and KEEP THE MARKET GOING!