Weather guidelines

We take the safety of visitors, volunteers and vendors in the Market seriously, trying to control as much as we can to avoid harmful incidents. However, the weather is one thing out of our control and, as everyone who lives here knows, it’s New England. Weather can change rapidly from a sunny day to a downpour, sometimes with wind and lightning.

Rain and lightning

If it is raining, bring your umbrella and stroll between the raindrops, the Market will be open!  Our produce vendors work rain or shine and so do we.  However, if the rain is coming along with a good dose of thunder and lightning, our first priority is to make sure everyone is safe.  If you are planning out your visit and severe weather is in the forecast, make sure to check our Facebook Page and Instagram frequently. We will post any weather announcements there.

If you are in the Market when weather is an issue, please follow these guidelines:

  • For the threat of lightning, people in the Market will be directed to their vehicles until 30 minutes have passed lightning/thunder free.
  • If more than 60 minutes have passed and the storm continues, or the Market Manager can verify an extended storm cell’s presence exceeding the remaining open hours of the Market, the Market will be closed for the day.

Hot weather

When the temperatures get unusually hot many other markets close for the day because they operate on hard surfaces (concrete/asphalt) which increases the heat index dramatically. Our Market is on grass and the market will be open under normal hours of operation. We will evaluate as we go forward. It is well within our purview to close the market for the safety and comfort of vendors and customers

We can not urge you enough to come early before the extreme heat of the day. Vendor participation is at their sole discretion. We will have water available and will be using all of our tents to shade picnic tables. We strongly urge you to leave individuals and pets home if they are susceptible to overheating.

Hopefully these safety steps will be rarely used.  In the event they are, your attention to the guidelines will help get everything into order quickly, so once the weather passes, we can pick up where we left off.

Thank you,

Attleboro Farmers Market Board of Directors