This excerpt from The Sun Chronicle┬ásums up the Chief’s plan. Feel free to comment below.

While [Police Chief Kyle] Heagney said he doesn’t believe the market will need a cop to direct traffic and help pedestrians cross North Main Street, where the market sets up in a city-owned parking lot next to the Attleboro Public Library, he plans to monitor traffic on the first day of the event before making a final decision.

Car and pedestrian counts will be done to assess the situation, Heagney said Thursday.

The market is scheduled to run every Saturday morning, except one, from June 2 through Oct. 27.

Even if a police officer is not needed in the summer when the library is closed on Saturdays, that could change in the fall when the library resumes Saturday operations, Heagney said. “When the library reopens it may be an issue,” Heagney said. “If there are issues, we’ll address them at that point.”

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