Literacy Day and Chef Esser

Lots going on this Saturday, Sept. 10 In honor of International Literacy Day and the Saturday reopening of the City of Attleboro Public Library, the Attleboro Farmers Market, the Attleboro Youth Commission, the YMCA, The Literacy Center, the Rotary Club of Attleboro and community volunteers will recruit individuals to whitewash a picket fence from 9 am to […]

Grilling Pineapples and Peaches

Demonstrations Sat. July 9, 2011 10 – 11 a.m. Did you know that you can find a whole new world of summer flavors by grilling fruit? Grilled slices of pineapple or peaches, apples, bananas or even strawberries (on skewers or in foil) make great sides to any summer dish, or even as a stand-alone snack. […]