Pumpkins!Saturday, Sept. 19, will be the Annual Pumpkin Sale.  Once again, Breezy Knoll Farm and the Attleboro Farmers Market will be providing pumpkins for sale at O’Connell Field at Capron Park. The proceeds of the pumpkin sale will benefit the Hebron Food Pantry.

$5 = $100

For every $5 pumpkin sold, the Hebron Food Pantry, an Attleboro area food pantry formed in 2001, will be able to purchase $100 worth of food from the Greater Boston Food Bank. Continue reading “Pumpkins!”

The pumpkins are coming!

PumpkinsThe pumpkins are coming!

Way back in the early spring AFM bought pumpkin seeds and asked Bob Peasley if he would grow pumpkins for us on his farm. As always Bob was happy to help out!

Now those pumpkins are ready and will be at market on Saturday, September 27!

Please swing buy and pick one up for the low price of $5. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE HEBRON FOOD PANTRY!!!

Did you know that every $5 HFP gets can buy $100 worth of food at the Great Boston Food Bank!

See you Saturday!