The excerpt below is from Good Magazine

Their article is titled “Spring Cleaning: Defeat the Meat” below are the first few paragraphs. This is part of GOOD’s “30 Days of Good” challenge  for April. Small changes can make an impact and as you know, a farmers market is a good place to go to buy local meat, vegetables and other produce. Buying local helps the environment, animals and makes a healthier you. Here’s the excerpt:

Attention carnivores: there’s a simple way to clean up your diet. Stop eating meat, or eat a hell of a lot less of it.

But you LOVE meat! You even have a t-shirt proclaiming how much you love bacon!

Come on, have you already forgotten about pink slime?

I know you love meat. I do, too. And there are better farms and farm practices in addition to the nasty ones, and plenty of philosophical or moral gray area (not just gray steak). But committing to eat less meat bodes well for better treatment of animals, a healthier body, and a brighter future for everyone on the planet.