Another hot day at the Market

It’s going to be another hot one tomorrow! Come early (but not before 9!) to get your tomatoes and corn, other produce, wine, candles, mustard, desserts, pickles, fish, cheese and meats! Ugly Dog Books will be back too! Grab breakfast and LUNCH from Sangrias.

Don’t forget we are hosting the American Red Cross Blood Drive this weekend with Bliss Dairy! You get a free ice cream when you donate!  

Vendor information

Each week we have 20 vendors, our “Total Market Vendors,” that will be at the market every week through October 26. We have another 7 to 12 vendors, our “Other Weekly Vendors,” that come on a set amount of either consecutive weeks, biweekly or monthly. Our lineup for this week is below.

Vendor list*

Total Market Vendors:

  • Apponagansett Farm
  • Be Sweet Bakery (back this week after two weeks off)
  • Breezy Knoll Farm
  • Coastal Vineyards
  • Foxboro Cheese
  • The Fresh Catch
  • Garden Farms
  • Indoor Organic Farm
  • Langwater Farm
  • Natures Intention
  • Netties Kettle Corn
  • The Olive Tap
  • Product of the Hive
  • Proofed Artisan Breads
  • Razzo Coffee
  • Scorpios
  • A Summer Place Farm
  • Trolly Crossing Farm
  • Wetu Farm
  • Wheatless Bliss

This week’s Other Vendors:

  • Ugly Dog Books
  • John Atkinson’s Recycled Silver
  • Sangrias
  • Linda’s Kitchen
  • Emilio’s Floral Delights
  • Janice Fiore Dog Leashes
  • Vermaje Tea