September 28, 2015
by AFM
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2015 Apple Pie Contest

 Saturday, October 17 is the Apple Pie Contest day!


  1. The Contest is open to anyone wishing to bake an APPLE PIE.
  2. Only Double Crust Apple Pies will be accepted, no Crumbles, Crisps, Betty’s or Pan Dowdy’s allowed. Official Attleboro Farmers Market Apple Pie Contest Board of Directors ruling as to eligibility will be final.
  3. Pie MUST be checked in by 10:30 a.m. on contest day (10/17/15). We will turn away latecomers.
  4. No other fruits may be added (juices OK).
  5. Pies that need special handling, refrigeration or heating elements are not allowed.
  6. The finished pie cannot contain raw/uncooked eggs (white or yokes). Egg must reach 160 degrees to be considered cooked. Official Attleboro Farmers Market Apple Pie Contest judge’s ruling as to eligibility will be final.
  7. We recommend that pies are baked in disposable pans only, as pans will not be returned.
  8. Pies will be scored on Appearance, Crust, Filling and Overall Flavor/Taste.
  9. The top five winners will receive ribbons and prizes.
  10. Following judging, the pies will be distributed to the crowd with a suggested donation of $2.00. Proceeds will go to the Hebron Food Pantry. Continue Reading →

September 18, 2015
by DRL
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Pumpkins!Saturday, Sept. 19, will be the Annual Pumpkin Sale.  Once again, Breezy Knoll Farm and the Attleboro Farmers Market will be providing pumpkins for sale at O’Connell Field at Capron Park. The proceeds of the pumpkin sale will benefit the Hebron Food Pantry.

$5 = $100

For every $5 pumpkin sold, the Hebron Food Pantry, an Attleboro area food pantry formed in 2001, will be able to purchase $100 worth of food from the Greater Boston Food Bank. Continue Reading →

July 12, 2015
by AFM
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Attleboro Farmers Market “Planet”


This is a panoramic photo of the July 11, 2015 Attleboro Farmers Market made into a Polar Panorama or a “Planet.” Photo was taken and made into a Polar Panorama by AFM board member David Laferriere.